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  • Where can I find the Critical Information Summary for my plan?

    Below you can find the Critical Information Summary for your Tangerine Telecom plan.  NBN Broadband Plans   - NBN Unlimited Plan - Up to 12/1Mbps speeds - NBN Unlimited Plan - Up t... Read more >

  • Can I get the nbn™?

    The nbnTM will be available to everyone in due course with the service being rolled out across Australia in stages. You can find out when the nbnTM is coming to your area by using the Check NBN ava... Read more >

  • Can I keep my phone number when I switch to nbn™ Phone?

    Yes you can. We are able to port (transfer) your existing phone numbers onto an nbnTM Phone service. It's possible to utilise the phone port on the back of our Netcomm NF5 router, or you can use an... Read more >

  • Can I upgrade the included modem?

    We do offer the opportunity  a couple of different modem upgrade options. These are useful if you wish to run your home network as fast as possible and make use of the latest AC wifi techn... Read more >

  • Do i get a static IP address with my NBN connection?

    Yes you do! All Tangerine NBN services include a static (fixed) IP address. This is useful if you wish to access computer or other connected equipment from outside your property. This may inclu... Read more >

  • Do I need to keep a phone line to get NBN?

    With an NBN connection there is no need to keep an active telephone service. NBN broadband plans can be provided with no need to pay for line rental. The NBN network is being rolled out ac... Read more >

  • Does Tangerine offer a 100/40Mbps NBN plan?

    Yes we do! We offer a Tier 5 NBN plan with speeds of up to 100/40Mbps. This top tier NBN plan includes 1000GB of monthly data allowance and is available to order online today. Check out the: Up... Read more >

  • How can I check my ADSL usage?

    To keep an eye on your monthly ADSL usage you can log in to the billing portal through the Tangerine Telecom website using your account number and password. If a password has not been set up fo... Read more >

  • How can I keep my ADSL connection secure?

    Modem security: all the Netcomm modems that Tangerine Telecom provides come with a preset wireless key/password that protects the user from outside users logging onto their network. Service... Read more >

  • How do I find out what ADSL zone I'm in?

    You may have noticed that the pricing on our ADSL/phone bundle deals is subject to which zone your address falls into. To find out please give our support centre a call on 1800 211 112. One of o... Read more >

  • How do I get a new phone line installed?

    If you are looking to get a new line installed either at home or at work then there are four available options depending on the site infrastructure: 1. In-place telephone line connection: A wor... Read more >

  • How do I get connected to the nbn™?

    Firstly you need to be in an area that has had the nbn™ installed.  Currently nbn™is rolling out across the country area by area. Once nbn™is available in your area... Read more >

  • How do I plug in my NBN™router?

    As soon as your NBN service is activated billing does commence. We are keen for you to get online with your new NBN service as soon as possible so you can start enjoying the great benefits. ... Read more >

  • How long does it take to get connected to the NBN?

    We often get asked this question and the time it takes to get you connected to the NBN will vary based on how the NBN is delivered to your home and at what stage the NBN build is in your area. ... Read more >

  • How to prepare for your nbn™ installation.

    Below are some videos on what you should do in preparation for your nbn™ installation. Before the installation day:       What happens on installation day?     &nbs... Read more >

  • Refer a Friend Special Offer

    Do you know a friend or relative that would like to join Tangerine Telecom for NBN or ADSL internet? If so, we provide a $20 referral credit for every successful referral. This means that if you ar... Read more >

  • Requirements to use your own BYO device for NBN

    If you choose to use your own NBN modem or router on our network it is important that it is NBN compatible, supports PPPoE authentication and VLAN tagging. The compatibility will vary depending... Read more >

  • Spend management and security tools

    We provide a number of spend management tools to help you manage your services with us. You can check your spending via our Member Portal, available HERE. - Insert your account number - if you are... Read more >

  • Welcome Information for Tangerine Telecom

    Below is some useful information you should read when joining Tangerine Telecom. Read more >

  • What are some of the benefits of switching to nbn™ Phone?

    Some of the key benefits of switching to a Tangerine Telecom nbn™ Phone service include: Free calls between sites using Tangerine Telecom nbn™ Phone. Cheaper line rental and call c... Read more >

  • What are your international call rates?

    International calling rates for our landline plans can be found below: Country Charge (per minute) Afgha... Read more >

  • What is the NBN New Development Charge?

    In April 2015 the government announced that they would introduce a New Development Charge that would be applicable to certain greenfield developments that need to be connected to the NBN networ... Read more >

  • What's my ADSL username and password?

    In order to connect to Tangerine Telecom ADSL you must have a modem configured with the correct username and password. These will usually follow the below format:  Username: (phone nu... Read more >

  • When does the pre-payment for my first month start?

    When signing up for a service with us online a pre-payment is taken for your first month of NBN or ADSL bundle access fee. Charges for the service only commence when your service becomes active... Read more >

  • Who do I contact if I have a fault on my landline service?

    If you suspect you have a problem with your landline then there are a couple of things you can do to save time before logging it with the faults team: Check the handset – try swapping for a dif... Read more >

  • Will it cost me anything to switch to the nbn™?

    A standard installation of nbn™ equipment is currently free of charge. Outside of the nbn™ installed equipment you may be required to purchase an nbn™ router along ... Read more >

  • Downloads

    100/40Mbps NBN 100/40Mbps NBN (98 KB)

    Appointment of Advocate or Authorised Representative Appointment of Advocate or Authorised Representative (80 KB)

    BYO Modem Requirements Policy BYO Modem Requirements Policy (45 KB)

    CIS - ADSL and Phone Bundle CIS - ADSL and Phone Bundle (88 KB)

    CIS - ADSL Phone Add On Plan 1 CIS - ADSL Phone Add On Plan 1 (71 KB)

    CIS - ADSL Phone Add On Plan 2 CIS - ADSL Phone Add On Plan 2 (71 KB)

    CIS - Mega 1GB Mobile Plan CIS - Mega 1GB Mobile Plan (143 KB)

    CIS - Mega 3GB Mobile Plan CIS - Mega 3GB Mobile Plan (143 KB)

    CIS - Mega 5GB Mobile Plan CIS - Mega 5GB Mobile Plan (145 KB)

    CIS - Mega 7GB Mobile Plan CIS - Mega 7GB Mobile Plan (145 KB)

    CIS - NBN 12/1 Bundle CIS - NBN 12/1 Bundle (107 KB)

    CIS - NBN 25/5 Bundle CIS - NBN 25/5 Bundle (108 KB)

    CIS - NBN 50/20 Bundle CIS - NBN 50/20 Bundle (109 KB)

    CIS - NBN Bundle 100GB CIS - NBN Bundle 100GB (75 KB)

    CIS - NBN Bundle 1200GB CIS - NBN Bundle 1200GB (117 KB)

    CIS - NBN Bundle 200GB CIS - NBN Bundle 200GB (116 KB)

    CIS - NBN Bundle 30GB CIS - NBN Bundle 30GB (115 KB)

    CIS - nbn™ Broadband 100Gb Plan CIS - nbn™ Broadband 100Gb Plan (75 KB)

    CIS - nbn™ Broadband 1200Gb Plan CIS - nbn™ Broadband 1200Gb Plan (75 KB)

    CIS - nbn™ Broadband 200Gb Plan CIS - nbn™ Broadband 200Gb Plan (76 KB)

    CIS - nbn™ Broadband 30Gb Plan CIS - nbn™ Broadband 30Gb Plan (95 KB)

    CIS - nbn™ Phone Plan 1 CIS - nbn™ Phone Plan 1 (74 KB)

    CIS - nbn™ Phone Plan 2 CIS - nbn™ Phone Plan 2 (73 KB)

    CIS - nbn™ Phone Plan 3 CIS - nbn™ Phone Plan 3 (72 KB)

    Complaints Handling Policy Complaints Handling Policy (71 KB)

    D-Link 2750b Datasheet D-Link 2750b Datasheet (1141 KB)

    D-Link setup sheet D-Link setup sheet (558 KB)

    Fair Use Policy Fair Use Policy (163 KB)

    Financial Hardship Policy Financial Hardship Policy (62 KB)

    Hardware Warranty Information Hardware Warranty Information (44 KB)

    NBn Call Plan 1 NBn Call Plan 1 (73 KB)

    NBN Call Plan 2 NBN Call Plan 2 (73 KB)

    NBN Connect 1000GB CIS NBN Connect 1000GB CIS (99 KB)

    NBN Connect 100GB CIS NBN Connect 100GB CIS (98 KB)

    NBN Connect 50GB CIS NBN Connect 50GB CIS (97 KB)

    NBN Connect 600GB CIS NBN Connect 600GB CIS (98 KB)

    NBN Modem - NF10WV-FTTN NBN Modem - NF10WV-FTTN (348 KB)

    NBN Modem - NF10WV-FTTP NBN Modem - NF10WV-FTTP (367 KB)

    NBN Modem - NF5 NBN Modem - NF5 (329 KB)

    NBN Unlimited 12_1 NBN Unlimited 12_1 (96 KB)

    NBN Unlimited 25_5 NBN Unlimited 25_5 (98 KB)

    NBN Unlimited 50_20 NBN Unlimited 50_20 (98 KB)

    Netcomm NF5 Specifications Sheet Netcomm NF5 Specifications Sheet (834 KB)

    Privacy Policy Privacy Policy (137 KB)

    SFOA SFOA (680 KB)

    Tangerine Bundle Tangerine Bundle (665 KB)

    Tangerine Bundle (Plus 10) Tangerine Bundle (Plus 10) (659 KB)

    Tangerine Bundle (Plus 30) Tangerine Bundle (Plus 30) (681 KB)

    Tangerine NBN 12 Tangerine NBN 12 (614 KB)

    Tangerine NBN 25 Tangerine NBN 25 (649 KB)

    Tangerine NBN Voice 20 Tangerine NBN Voice 20 (508 KB)

    Tangerine NBN Voice 40 Tangerine NBN Voice 40 (537 KB)

    Unlimited ADSL Broadband Bundle Unlimited ADSL Broadband Bundle (90 KB)

    What You Need To Know What You Need To Know (68 KB)