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What is a Bandwidth Boost?

Bandwidth can be simply defined as the amount of data that can be transmitted between your home and the internet. The more bandwidth available, the higher speeds and performance you are likely to experience on your NBN service.

Ordering a bandwidth boost on your NBN service will ensure that more bandwidth is available on your service. This is likely to assist in providing increased performance during peak times. Peak times are usually between 6pm and midnight when usage on the network is at its maximum.

If you are an internet user who for example browses websites on 1 or 2 devices at a time and streams standard definition Netflix then a bandwidth boost may not be required. If you have a household full of internet users browsing and using the internet at the same time and stream high definition Netflix during peak times then a bandwidth boost may be for you.

A bandwidth boost can be added or removed from your service at any time so if you’re in any doubt you can always change your mind later.

Add your bandwidth boost during the sign up process for our Unlimited NBN plans. Alternatively if you already have a service from us and want to add a bandwidth boost to your existing service, simply complete the purchase of a Bandwidth Boost online using the same email address as you used for your original NBN order and we'll get this processed within 2 business days.

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