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Do I need to keep a phone line to get NBN ?

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With an NBN connection there is no need to keep an active telephone service. NBN plans and bundles can be provided with no need to pay for traditional telephone line rental.The NBN network is being rolled out across the country in a number of different methods.

1. FTTP - Fibre to the Premises. This is where fibre optics is used to deliver high speed internet right into your home.

2. FTTN - Fibre to the Node. This is where fibre optics is delivered to your street and then high speed internet is transferred to a copper cable that runs into your home. The node is a box that is constructed in the street that transfer the internet from fibre optics to copper. If you have an existing copper telephone line connected to your property, NBN will use this for NBN. Note that there is no need to continue paying line rental. If you have not had a copper line connected to your property NBN will install one. 

3. FTTB - Fibre to the building. This is where fibre optics is delivered to your building and then copper is used to distribute high speed internet around you building. This is used in apartment blocks or shopping centres.

4. Fixed Wireless. This is where a wireless network is set up in a small town and receivers are placed on the roof of every building to receive the high speed broadband.

5. Satellite. This is where high speed internet is sent via satellite to receivers around the country.

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