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Does Tangerine offer a 100/40Mbps NBN plan?

Yes we do! Check out the: Up to 100/40 1000GB NBN plan.

We offer a Tier 5 NBN plan with speeds of up to 100/40Mbps. This top tier NBN plan includes 1000GB of monthly data allowance and is available to order online today.

Why is it not unlimited?

We continually work with our network provider to ensure that our unlimited NBN plans perform well and maintain good speeds throughout the day. We offer unlimited NBN plans for speeds up to 12/1Mbps, 25/5Mbps and 50/20Mbps. We separate our 100/40Mbps NBN plan so that it operates on a separate network to our unlimited plans. This ensures high speed performance for our 100/40Mbps users and ensures performance of our high speed unlimited NBN plans is maintained.

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