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How does the Google Nest work differently to a normal nbn™ modem?

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Google Nest Wifi, a mesh Wifi system, provides Wifi to your whole house. In terms of functionality, once the Google Nest Wifi system is set up it will result in a stronger and more stable Wifi connection throughout your home.

Please note that Google Nest Wifi is not compatible with FTTN/B connections. If you are on a a FTTN/B connection, the Google Nest will need to be plugged into your existing modem - or a modem you purchase from Tangerine - in order to work.

A normal nbn™ modem is a single device. For medium to larger homes, a normal modem can restrict Wifi access and the number of devices that need to connect to the modem can impede its functionality. A Mesh system, like Google Nest Wifi, with one Wifi router and one Wifi point will be strong enough to handle up to 200 connected devices and stream multiple 4k videos at a time. Mesh systems are particularly useful with new household devices requiring internet connection including security cameras, speakers, TVs, fridges, phones (both landline and mobile) and alarms.

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