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More Information on NBN Speeds

Our NBN plans are available at with 2 speed tiers designed to suit your needs and budget.


  • 21Mbps
    Typical Evening Speed

  • This is ideal for small households who want to stream standard definition TV shows and movies. Using multiple devices should be okay using this speed.

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  • XL Speed Boost

  • 42Mbps
    Typical Evening Speed

  • Perfect for high users. This is ideal for households who want to use multiple internet devices at the same time. Great for high quality streaming, gaming and fast downloading.

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  • XXL Speed Boost

  • 83Mbps
    Typical Evening Speed

  • Perfect for extremely high users and large families. This speed may not be achieveable on FTTN technology. If you can't reach the speeds you'd hope we recommend moving down a speed tier.

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* Typical evening speed provides a measured expected download speed between 7pm and 11pm on a fixed line NBN service. This speed may differ based on various factors including your equipment, capacity of our systems and our suppliers, the number of users using your service, the applications running and the websites you are accessing. Speeds using NBN Fixed Wireless may be slower. Due to this we are unable to guarantee the typical evening speeds.

More Information on NBN Speeds

Does the NBN technology used to my property effect my NBN speeds?

Yes, NBN is delivered using a range of technologies. The speed that you can achieve at your property may be influenced by this. For example, if you are connected using fibre to the node (FTTN) technology then the distance you are from the local node will limit your maximum speeds.

Why does my speed fluctuate during peak times?

Peak times are experienced between 7pm and 11pm. You may see your speed fluctuate during these times due to the high number of people in your area wanting to use the internet at the same time.

Does the quality of copper in my area effect my NBN speed?

Yes, if you are connected to the NBN using copper - the quality of this copper will influence your maximum NBN speeds. If the quality of copper is particularly bad it may lead to drop outs. In some cases NBN may replace the copper if it is of such low quality.

Why does the typical evening speed vary on NBN Fixed Wireless?

Due to the massive take up of Fixed Wireless services on the NBN network, some wireless towers are congested. NBN are continually upgrading these towers, but there are times when users of a wireless tower may be waiting for tower upgrades. During these times typical evening speeds may not be possible to achieve.

How does the number of users sharing my NBN service effect my speeds?

The more users you have sharing the NBN service, the lower speeds you will likely see on a speed test.

Does my modem affect my NBN speed?

Yes, the modem used to connect to the NBN can influence your NBN speed and performance. Tangerine can supply a pre-configured modem if required.

How does Wifi signal effect my NBN speeds?

Wifi can be negatively impacted if positioned near radio or electrical devices. Thick walls and metal objects can also reduce Wifi signal.

How can I improve my Wifi signal?

Try and place your Wifi device in a central location inside your property - this will help the Wifi signal range. Look to invest or upgrade to a new modem as this will likely support great Wifi range. Tangerine provides an Upgraded Modem option if required. If you are in a multi story property, consider moving your modem near the stairwell. Some internal network cabling may be required to achieve this. You may also wish to consider changing the Wifi channel. Our support team can assist with this.

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