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Risk Free NBN Trial Terms and Conditions

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Terms and Conditions:

Tangerine’s 14 day trial means that if you are not completely satisfied with your Tangerine NBN service during the first 14 days of connection, Tangerine will provide a full refund of your NBN plan fee, but not your modem.  If you choose to purchase a modem from Tangerine to use with the free trial, the cost of the modem is non-refundable. You are however welcome to use your own existing modem for the trial.


We have set out below the details of how this offer works but if you are in anyway uncertain, something is not clear or you have any questions about how this offer may apply to you, then please contact us on 1800 211 112 or via live chat on our website - before going ahead.


1.       To obtain a refund during your 14 day trial period, you must let us know by contacting our support team on 1800 211 112 or via the service cancellation option in your customer portal. You must contact us for a refund during the 14 day trial period.


2.       The 14 day risk free trial period will commence from the day that your NBN service is activated on the network – this is when you will receive an email and/or SMS to confirm service activation. Please note this is not 14 days after you plug in the modem.   


3.       The refund request must be received within the 14 day trial period after activation (ie go live date). Refund requests received after the 14 day activation will not be accepted or processed.


4.       The refund for the 14 day trial will only include the applicable NBN pre-paid fee made during the sign-up process, or any plan fee billed as part of the trial. The refund excludes the following (a) to (c) inclusive. This means you will not have money refunded that relates to any of the below points:


a.       any modem charge. If you choose to purchase a modem (rather than BYO or ‘bring your own’) the modem is non-refundable, other than in accordance with your rights under the Australian Consumer Law (for example, if it’s faulty). Modems supplied by Tangerine will always be unlocked and capable of working with another NBN service provider;


b.       any NBN New Development Fee charge or NBN New Copper Pair charge. These are charges passed through from NBN and cannot be refunded; and


c.       Any additional charges/usage outside the base monthly plan fee, such as calls to 13/1300 or international numbers made on an NBN + Phone (VoIP) service.


5.       The 14 day risk free trial is only applicable to new Tangerine NBN customers who are connecting with Tangerine for the first time. Properties previously connected with Tangerine are not eligible for this offer.


6.       The 14 day risk free trial does not apply to home wireless broadband or mobile services.


7.       Refunds will be made to the original credit or debit card used during the sign-up process only. Refunds cannot be substituted or refunded using any other payment method.


8.       The 14 day risk free trial is strictly subject to these terms and conditions set out above change. These terms and conditions may change and the 14 day risk free trial may also cease.





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