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What are the Common Billing Questions?

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Got your bill and not sure about the charges?

Let us try to answer the Most Common Billing Queries, fees and charges.


Common Billing Questions Explanation
Why am I charged a Late Fee? If you were unable to make payment by this date, a late payment fee may have been charged. If you are on Direct debit yet you are still charged this amount, it is possible that your payment was unsuccessful and the payment was received after the due date.
What is the Non Direct Debit Fee As per our terms and conditions if your account is not set up on direct debit a non-direct debit charge will apply. To avoid this fee moving forward, you may enrol your Credit/Debit Card or your bank account to Direct Debit on our Self Care Portal.
Bounced Direct Debit Fee As per our terms and conditions if your direct debit fails or bounces a Bounced Direct Debit Fee will be charged. This is a pass though of charges that we receive from the bank. To avoid this fee, make sure you have sufficient funds on your account before the due date.
Credit Card Surcharge As per our terms and conditions if you pay your account using a credit or debit card a surcharge will apply. This is a passthrough charge of the costs we are charged by VISA/Mastercard or American Express. You can settle your account for free using a bank account direct debit. You can change your payment method right here in the Self Care Portal.

If the above did not answer your questions, feel free to contact our Billing team and we'll be more than happy to help.

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