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What destinations are included in the 64 international destinations ?

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If you choose to add an international add-on to your mobile plan the following destinations are included:


Argentina, Bangladesh, Bangladesh (mobile), Brazil, Canada, China, China (mobile), Czech Republic, Denmark, Denmark (mobile), France, Germany, Germany (mobile), Greece, Hong Kong, Hong Kong (mobile), India, India (mobile), Indonesia, Indonesia (mobile), Ireland, Ireland (mobile), Israel, Israel (mobile), Italy, Italy (mobile), Japan, Malaysia, Malaysia (mobile), Malta, Malta (mobile), Mexico, Netherlands, Netherlands (mobile), New Zealand, New Zealand (mobile), Nigeria, Norway, Pakistan, Pakistan (mobile), Peru, Philippines, Philippines (mobile), Poland, Portugal, Singapore, Singapore (mobile), South Africa, South Africa (mobile), South Korea, South Korea (mobile), Spain, Spain (mobile), Sweden, Sweden (mobile), Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom, United Kingdom (mobile), USA, Venezuela, Vietnam, Vietnam (mobile). 

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