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What is the NBN New Development Charge ?

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In April 2015 the government announced that they would introduce a New Development Charge that would be applicable to certain greenfield developments that need to be connected to the NBN network. Part of this charge is the End User Contribution Charge of $300 inc GST. ISP's (including Tangerine) pass this charge to the end user when they want to connect to the NBN.

Great news though! At the time of writing this article Tangerine is discounting the NBN New Development Charge by $25 - so you can order it for just $275.

Please note that this charge is only applicable if your property is a new development and has never been connected to NBN before. To find out if this charge is applicable to your property simply search your address on our NBN Plans page and we'll let you know.

Note: The $25 discount may be withdrawn from offer with no notice. Please check your address using our search tool to confirm the current price for this charge.


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