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What is the Battery Back Up for NBN Fiber to the Premise?

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When connecting to an NBN Fiber to the premise connection, you have an option to install a Power supply unit with a battery back up. Tangerine Telecom is not required to install this, but in some circumstances we can arrange this for you. Please let us know if you wanted to have one installed when signing up so we can have it requested upon ordering.


The Battery Backup Service powers the ports supplied and activated on the NTD in the event of a power failure (or if the power is switched off at, or disconnected from, the power point) so that NBN services connected with the required devices can continue to operate for a limited period of time (a total of approximately 5 hours under typical circumstances including the emergency reserve).

The nbn™ connection box and its cover, Power Supply with Battery Backup, standard power supply and the fibre optic cable on your property are your responsibility to keep in good condition, this includes the maintenance of the battery when needed. How to know when the battery needs to be replaced? You will see a red light appear next to the ‘Replace Battery’ marker on the nbn™ connection box. You’ll also hear an alarm tone, which will beep every 15 minutes to indicate your battery needs replacing. Four beeps per minute means there’s less than half of the battery charge remaining.


Battery Replacement

For more information on NBN Battery Back up, please see this NBN Fibre User Guide.

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