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Why does my account have a negative balance?

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If the balance shows a negative amount, you do not need to make another payment.

Negative Balance

Here are a some of the reasons why:



        - The negative balance is usually your pre-payment amount when you first signed up. This amount sits on your account as a credit while waiting for your service to be connected. This amount would be covered when your first bill is generated.


      - If you have been a long-time customer and you see negative balance on your account, it is possible that you have overpaid your last bill or a credit has been applied on your account that is more than the actual amount due. If you want to receive this negative balance back, we can arrange a refund for you within 3-5 business days or you can leave this on your account to cover you for the next month's payment.


In case none of these applies to you, feel free to reach out to our Customer Service team for more info.


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