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Why is my bill higher than usual?

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There are a number of things that could cause your bill to look higher than usual or higher than you expect. We’ve written a description of the common reasons below. Please check page 3 of your bill carefully and read the below descriptions before reaching out to our team. Hopefully this article will answer your question!


IMPORTANT: If you have just received your first bill you will see two plan fees on Page 3. The smaller plan fee is a partial month or pro-rata plan fee. This one-off fee covers the period from the first day your service was activated through to the start of your billing cycle on the first of the month. 

1.    Your promotion period may have finished.
All our NBN plans have a promotional plan discount that runs for the first 6 months that you are connected with us. If you’re in month 7, then this has likely dropped off. We offer this promotional plan discount to all new customers connecting a property to the NBN for the first time. Whilst we are often asked if this can be extended, it unfortunately cannot be. We work hard to ensure that our NBN product performance lives up to the needs of our customers. This means that we must order sufficient bandwidth from NBN to ensure Netflix and Youtube doesn’t buffer during peak times and you can download that movie quickly! This means our on-going price is as low as we can go whilst still providing a quality service. We appreciate your understanding.

2.    You may have received a Late Payment Fee.
We give a grace period of 6 days from the due date to ensure sufficient time is available to make payment. We understand that it is possible to overlook payment so we provide numerous reminder emails and SMS in the lead up to this date. We always recommend ensuring that your account is set up on automated direct debit to avoid missing a payment. If your account is not set up on direct debit you can do this right now using our Self Care Portal and avoid late fees for ever. If payment is missed a late payment fee of $15 + GST is charged. It is important that we receive timely payments from customers so we can continue to provide a superior service. Late payment fees go towards the cost of collecting any late payments.

3.    You may have received a Credit Card Surcharge.
VISA, Mastercard and American Express all charge businesses to receive payments. We pass through to those who wish to pay using one of these card providers as a credit card surcharge. This is a low 1% for VISA & Mastercard and 2% for American Express. We recommend bank account direct debits as these do not attract this surcharge. You can change your payment options to bank account direct debit right now to avoid these charges. Simply login to our Self Care Portal and you can update your payment details.

4.    You may have received a Bounced Direct Debit Fee.
It is important to let us know if your registered credit or debit card or bank account has changed. Financial institutions charge organisations for failed direct debit attempts. This is passed on if your payment fails or is rejected by your bank or financial institution. We send reminder emails and SMSs if our system detects that your card expiry date has passed. Please navigate to our Self Care Portal at any time to update these details ahead of the due date as specified on your invoice.

5.    You may have received a Non-Direct Debit Charge.
We try and offer as many payment options as we can to make paying your bill as convenient as possible. However, organisations such as BPay and Australia Post charge organisations to receive payments using their facility. Whilst we are committed to keeping our plan fees as competitively priced as we can, for those that wish to pay their bill using a non-direct debit method there is a minimal charge for this convenience. We always recommend using direct debit from a bank account to settle your bill automatically every month. Update your payment details right here using our Self Care Portal.

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