nbnTM Satellite plans coming soon from Tangerine Telecom 

Tangerine Telecom will soon be a provider of nbnTM satellite services. The first permanent nbnTMsatellite service launched in October 2015 with services due to come online in early 2016. The first satellite has the name of 'Sky Muster' and was named by students from Alice Springs. nbnTM was using a temporary satellite solution, but due to massive demand and over subscription, sales of this service ceased in 2014. A 2nd permanent satellite is due to launch over the coming year or so to ensure sufficient capacity is available.

Available speeds of up to 25/5Mbps are due to be available by satellite when the new satellites come online. This is fantastic news for rural Australia as a lot of rural properties have been struggling with dial up and extremely slow Internet speeds.  

Full details of plans and availability will become available over the coming months so keep checking back here for the best nbnTM satellite plans. Currently some limited tests are taking place with other service providers. We'll soon hear results of these tests. If you are asking yourself, 'Which nbn provider?' then look no further. Give us a call today or sign up below. 


NBN Satellite

nbnTM Satellite 

  • Speed up to 25/5Mbps
  • Australia wide coverage
  • Same costs as the rest of Australia 
  • Wifi modem available
  • Delivered pre-configured

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nbnTM Phone with nbnTM Satellite?

When nbnTM Satellite becomes available you can stop relying on your home phone for communications. With the nbnTM you can transfer your existing home phone number and use nbnTM Phone over the satellite. We have voice plans that start from just $4.95 per month!

After being activated with nbnTM Satellite you can use your existing home telephone handset and make calls using the voice port on the back of our Netcomm NF5 router. If you fancy an upgrade, you can purchase one of our nbnTM Satellite ready IP cordless phones. You can then position these around your home without the need for any new cabling.


Gigaset A510

Gigaset A510 + Extra Handset

  • Cordless phone
  • Massive savings on line rental
  • Keep your existing number
  • Transfer calls
  • Intercom feature
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