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nbnTM Broadband Tasmania

In 2016 there were 20.66 million internet users in Australia, and 87% of those access the internet daily.

In Tasmania this number is 73%, and in a recent Sensis study (across a sample group of 2000 internet users) it showed that these users owned an average of three internet-enabled devices, and more than half of those people used the internet more than five times a day. That’s a lot of data being downloaded!

Luckily we are offering UNLIMITED DATA PLANS starting at $54.90 a month, with NO CONTRACT AND $0 SET UP FEE.

As of June 14, 170 thousand households in Tasmania are already taking advantage of the data benefits provided with NBN connection. If you are amongst the 270 thousand households in Tasmania who are still on cable but are now ready to connect to the NBN, contact us today.