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nbn™ announces 3 year construction plan


nbnTM has released details of the next suburbs that will see construction of the nbnTM. The 3 year construction plan shows an additional 7.5 million premises that will either have access to the nbnTM or construction underway by September 2018. The current government has continued its pledge to complete the rollout of the entire network by 2020.

The vast majority of new areas included in the 3 year construction plan will see nbnTM delivered via FTTN (fibre to the node) or HFC (hybrid fibre-coaxial). FTTN will be delivered using a combination of technologies. High speed Internet will be delivered to the street via fibre optic cable; and for the final few hundred metres it will be delivered over the existing copper that runs to every home and business. HFC will utilise existing pay-TV cable networks that currently carry services like Foxtel and OptusTV.

The construction plan shows 2.8 million premises in NSW, 2.5 million in VIC, 1.9 million in QLD, 970,000 in WA, 750,000 in SA, 134,000 in ACT and 72,000 in NT will have nbnTM access or construction commenced by September 2018. Tasmania remains the furthest ahead on the nbnTM rollout with construction due to complete there by September 2018. Tasmania will then become the first state with full nbnTM coverage.

To see when your area will begin construction you can use the comprehensive guide on the nbnTM website or click your state below:

nbn 3 year construction plan

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