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nbn™ starts construction on Wangaratta city centre


February 2016 sees construction of the NBN commence in the city centre of Wangaratta. The first pits can now be seen to be dug which will deliver high speed broadband access to homes and businesses across Wangaratta using NBN's fibre to the node technology.

At the time of writing the wide spread areas surrounding Wangaratta already have access to high speed broadband via Fixed Wireless NBN. Half of the city centre is in the 'build commenced stage' with the other half of the city centre in 'build preparation'. The image below is taken from which collates the publicly available information on the NBN rollout and displays it in map form. The brown areas show those areas in 'build commenced' while the green areas are in 'build preparation'. The purple areas show the areas where NBN Fixed Wireless can be ordered right now! Tangerine Telecom can provide connection to the NBN via Fixed Wireless right now, so if you are in the purple area you don't need to wait another minute to order online with us today. See our NBN Fixed Wireless plans page.

Keep a close eye on our NBN Plans in Wangaratta page to check when fixed line NBN services are available for order. You can also check our NBN coverage map to check when your residential premises is available to order NBN. This coverage map is updated daily with new properties that become ready to order an NBN service.

The fibre to the node delivery method that is being used in Wangaratta city centre will provide fibre optic to a node positioned in the street. The existing copper cabling will then be used to deliver the high speed NBN broadband from the node to your home. The expected delivery date for services to be ready to order is the end of 2016. It is likely that parts of Wangaratta city centre will be ready before others. In total approximately 9,800 properties will be connected to the NBN using this method in Wangaratta.

The rollout of the NBN in Wangaratta brings with it a multitude of health, educational, industrial and entertainment benefits to residents of the area. As well as this comes social and economic benefits to the area as a whole. nbnTM hopes to complete construction of the NBN across Australia by 2020.

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