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Telecube to no longer supply NBN services - SPECIAL OFFER



Yesterday customers of Telecube were advised that from 4th September 2018 Telecube will stop selling NBN services. This will have come as quite a shock to customers who were urged to "act promptly and arrange a new provider as soon as possible". Telecube was first registered as a business back in 2009 and has a deep history in providing internet services across Australia. The Telecube brand is a reputable brand and they are known to have very happy customers. Their offices have been located in Docklands, Victoria.

Since yesterdays news Tangerine has seen an influx of enquiries from Telecube customers looking for competitive NBN deals. To assist customers in finding a new NBN provider Tangerine is offering a sign up promotion that will give an extra $20 saving on your first month NBN plan. Simply use promo code telecube20 during sign up to activate this special discount. This discount code will expire on 7th September so please get in quick!

At the time of writing it is unsure if this is the end of Telecube or if Telecube are out of business altogether. What we can be sure of is that from 4th September 2018 customers who continue to have their Telecube NBN service active may experience disruption to service or may be disconnected.

Tangerine Telecom is here to help and offer some fantastic alternatives to Telecube NBN. Plans start from just $49.90*/mth, come with unlimited data, no set up fee and no lock in contract. Take advantage of the 14 day risk free trial and if you are not completely satisfied simply let Tangerine know in the first 14 days and they'll refund your plan cost and any associated modem charge (when the modem is returned) in full. You can also bolt on an unlimited voice service to your NBN plan for just $10 per month!

See the Unlimited NBN plans for more information.

Telecube Connection FAQ's?

Do you provide static IP address? Yes we do! Static IP address provided with every NBN service.

How long does it take to get re-connected? We are activating services around to clock to help customers get reconnected after Telecube disconnections. If you are connected by FTTP or Fixed Wireless we'll activate the next available port on the NBN equipment. This usually takes 2-4 hours from the time of ordering. For FTTN and HFC connections, we need to wait for your Telecube service to be disconnected. After this time, and after NBN have updated your line status to 'Clear' we can re-order your service. After your line is clear usual connection times are 2-6 hours.

Do you offer Perth based POP? Yes we do! Out network carrier has a state based network and a POP (point of presence) in Perth as well as major cities in eastern states. This is great for our Western Australia customers and means that web traffic is not routed back to eastern states.

See the Unlimited NBN plans for more information.

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