Squeeze test #1: Could you save $100s by switching plans?

Are you on the right internet plan, or paying $100s more than you should be?

Take this internet squeeze test with our money-saving fiend Joel Gibson to see how you could save big on your internet bills when you switch to a different plan.

When you're trying to suss if you're on the right plan, and, most importantly, if you're paying the right amount for it, things can get a little confusing. Not to mention with the cost of living in Australia climing higher and higher, there's never been a better time to re-assess your expenses.

So, let's get down to business. What plan do you need, and how much $$$ should you be paying? If you live by yourself, with your pet or with one other person, and you mainly use your connection to keep up with the Kardashians on Disney +, send emails and scroll through socials, a 25Mbps (Standard Speed) plan should work well.

Households of 3-4 Wifi-hungry folk who are working or gaming from home - and often at the same time - will likely need a 50Mbps (XL Speed Boost) plan.

Those who want 4K video streaming & need to download large files quickly should be looking at a plan of 100Mbps (XXL Speed Boost) or above.

And, as Joel says - cheap doesn't need to mean nasty. Sometimes cheap just means cheap. Watch the video for all of Joel's juicy tips on getting the fastest Wifi for the lowest price!


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