Squeeze Test #3 - Dodgy Wifi? Here's how to fix it - for free

Is your Wifi connection A bit patchy & prone to drop-outs?

If the answer is 'yes', there's no need to stress - there are a number of things you can try to help fix your Wifi without paying a cent.

Whether it be getting a bit of distance from your microwave (yes, you read that right), or trying the classic 'turn it off & on again' manouver, in this video our money-saving expert Joel Gibson will tell you all the simple - and, in some cases, slightly wacky - ways you can fix your dodgy Wifi without reaching into the hip-pocket at all.

And if you are keen to loosen the purse strings and spend a little bit more, in the next video Joel will tell you how you can save big $$$ on Google Nest Wifi when you sign up to Tangerine's NBN plans.

You'll get a stronger Wifi connection thanks to its MESH Wifi network, and with the Google Assistant function you'll never need to check the weather forecast or do maths in your head again.


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