Squeeze test #4: Save big on Google Nest Wifi!

Is a crappy modem ruining your Wifi experience? Enter Google Nest, for less!

We've got our friend Joel Gibson here with the hard-hitting question you've been avoiding...is a crappy modem ruining your Wifi experience?!

A common misconception in WifiLand is that your service provider is to blame for slow speeds or internet black holes in your house. However, as Joel explains in this Internet Squeeze Test, often it's caused by a poor quality or outdated modem. 

'OK Google, introduce us to the Google Nest'!

The Google Nest Wifi system is one of the most sophisticated hardware options on the market, blanketing your whole home in reliable MESH Wifi coverage. And with Google Assistant built-in to the Nest Wifi points, you can keep your family & friends entertained and the house running smoothly without lifting a finger or raising your voice. 

If you get a Google Nest MESH Wifi system when you sign up for a Tangerine plan, you can save as much as $149 off the RRP. And Joel himself saved an extra $500 on installation fees for a TV aerial. Not too shabby!


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