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How to set up Google Nest Wifi

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Get ready to welcome to Google Nest Wifi to your home.

You have made a great choice! Google Nest Wifi will:

  • o  blanket your home with strong and reliable WiFi
  • o  update automatically, which means your network stays safe and secure and,
  • o  will effortlessly look at home thanks to its chic design.

When setting up the Google Nest Wifi, there are a few items that need to be ticked off first:

  • o  A Google Nest Wifi router. This will broadcast your WiFi.
  • o  A Google account
  • o  An up-to-date smartphone or tablet such as: Android phone running Android 5.0 and higher, Android tablet running Android 6.0 and higher, or an iPhone or iPad with iOS 11.0 and higher.
  • o  The latest version of Google Home app (available to download via Andriod or iOS app stores), and
  • o  An internet service (you have come to the right place for that! Check out Tangerine NBN plans here)

FTTP, FTTC, HFC, and Fixed Wireless customers:

To connect you will need your nbn™ device and the Google router.


*PLEASE NOTE: Google Nest Wifi routers are not compatible for FTTN - A VDSL modem will be required


How to set up your Google Nest Wifi router

As the Google Nest Wifi is not pre-configured you will need to do a few set-up procedures, which we have stepped out below. You can also view Google’s ‘How to set up your Nest Wifi’ set up video.

1. Download the Google Home app on Android or iOS 

2. Set up a home if this is your first time using the Google Home app.

3. Position your Google router in a location that is not obscured by objects, for example on a shelf or beside your entertainment unit. For optimum WiFi performance place your Google Nest WiFi router at eye-level or higher.

4. Connect the Ethernet cable to the Nest router’s WAN port. For FTTP/FTTC/HFC/Fixed Wireless the Ethernet cable will run from the nbn™ connection device. For FTTN/B the Ethernet cable will run from the modem.

5. Plug the power adapter into the Google Nest router. Wait a minute for the light to pulse white, this indicates that the router is powered on and ready for set up.

6. Open the Google Home app on your phone or tablet.

7. Tap add + > Set up device.

8. Under ‘New devices’, tap 'Set up new devices in your home'.

9. Choose a home.

10. Select your Nest WiFi router.

11. When prompted to configure the connection type, select 'WAN' and then 'PPPoE',  and enter the username and password provided in your email from Tangerine.

12. Scan your QR code on the bottom of your device. If you’re unable to scan the code, tap ‘Continue without scanning’, then enter the setup key located on the bottom of the device.

13. Select a room for your router, or create a new one.

14. Give your WiFi network a secure name and a password. The password you create will be needed later when connecting your devices to the WiFi.

15. The router will create the WiFi network. This should only take a few minutes.

16. If you’d like to add another WiFi device, tap ‘Yes’ in the app to continue now or you can add extra devices later through the Add + > Set up device menu in Google Home.


You are now Google Nest WiFi connected!


If you find yourself struggling to connect, please reach out to our friendly technical support team on Live Chat (the button on the bottom right of your screen) or via WhatsApp on +61 429637422. They are ready to help you from 8am – 10pm weekdays and 8am – 8pm Saturday & Sundays AET.  


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