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31 Aug 2021

Tangerine joins Pancare Foundation to help improve outcomes for Australians impacted by upper GI cancer

In 2019 the Tangerine team lost a long-time friend and sales partner, Peter Back, after a short and corageous fight against pancreatic cancer. Strong ... Read More

02 Aug 2021

Tangerine wins WhistleOut's Internet Provider of the Year

  Tangerine has won the highly coveted WhistleOut Internet Provider of the Year for 2021, achieving close to a clean sweep of the top honours ... Read More

22 Jul 2021

Media statement - Tangerine announces strategic partnership with CBA

Australian Telco providers Tangerine today announced a new strategic partnership with the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) which sees the bank inv ... Read More

16 Jun 2021

Tangerine wins 2021 NBN provider of the year

  Tangerine Telecom has won the Mozo Experts Choice NBN Provider of the Year for 2021 and scooped another three awards for the best Standard N ... Read More

04 May 2021

Ongoing protests by NBN sub-contractors lead to delays in fault tech appointments

On Monday May 3rd 2021, it was reported that a number of NBN subcontractors had joined a nationwide protest to demand improvements to pay and the work ... Read More

15 Apr 2021

Tangerine Ranked Australia's 8th Fastest Growing Company

  National NBN provider, Tangerine Telecom, has ranked Australia's 8th fastest growing company in the 2021 Financial Times and Nikkei Asia Hig ... Read More

01 Feb 2021

NBN stops orders of HFC that require NBN equipment

On February 1st 2021 NBN announced that due to a shortage of HFC NTD equipment they will stop accepting orders for HFC connections from 7pm on Tuesday ... Read More

29 Nov 2020

Tangerine Picked for Money Magazine’s Best of the Best 2020

Money Magazine has picked Tangerine as the winner of its Best of the Best Award for the Best-Value Mobile Plan – Low Usage.Money Magazine is Aus ... Read More

01 Aug 2020

Tangerine picks up 3 awards at the 2020 Whistleout Annual Awards

  August 2020 sees Tangerine pick up 3 top category awards in the 2020 Whistleout Annual Awards for NBN plans. These include:   👍 Best ... Read More

15 Apr 2020

Tips for working from home during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak

During the uncertain times of the 2020 coronavirus outbreak many people and businesses are looking to the option of working from home during self-isol ... Read More

01 Nov 2019

Tangerine now provides NBN Fixed Wireless Plus speeds

November 2019 see's Tangerine now providing NBN Fixed Wireless Plus speeds. NBN Fixed Wireless Plus was introduced by NBN in order for them to provide ... Read More

27 Jul 2015

200,000 homes added to the NBN rollout

This news sees a number of new locations added to the rollout map. In Victoria this includes parts of Mornington, Beaconsfield and Portsea. In New Sou ... Read More

27 Jul 2015

NBN™ Fixed Wireless is world leading in quality

A review of 21 overseas countries has shown that the nbnTM Fixed Wireless network can provide faster speeds and maintain high data allowances than any ... Read More

29 Jul 2015

NBN™ to set up Satellite station outside Broken Hill

The nbnTMhas announced the first of 10 nbnTMground satellite stations will be based just outside Broken Hill, Victoria. This will serve the two satell ... Read More

10 Aug 2015

Don't panic... but now could be the time to panic.

There's a looming deadline this Friday 14th August 2015 when copper phone lines in some suburb areas such as Ballarat,Coffs Harbour and  ... Read More

17 Sep 2015

Four suburbs of Hobart to be hit by copper disconnection.

For residents of four suburbs in Hobart, now is the time (if you're not already on board) to sign up for an nbn™ plan if you wish to keep a ... Read More

20 Aug 2015

The Tangerine Team to hit Modbury's Tea Tree Plaza

The South Australian Tangerine Telecom team will be at Tea Tree Plaza shopping centre from 24th - 30th August 2015. They will be offering great ... Read More

29 Aug 2015

NBN™ to train 200 new workers in Tassie

NBN have announced that they are training an additional 200 workers in Tasmania to replace the 60 sacked by contractor Visionstream in June 2015. The ... Read More

10 Sep 2015

NBN™ due to launch first FTTN sites this month!

NBN have announced that the first live sites for fibre-to-the-node (FTTN) technology will be available to order before the end of September 2015. The ... Read More

17 Sep 2015

Days are numbered for coppers services in Carlton, VIC

Residents in Carlton ,Victoria are currently seeing their copper services disconnected. With some parts of the suburb already scheduled for switch off ... Read More

03 Oct 2015

Successful launch for the first NBN™ satellite

This week saw the launch of the first of two satellites that will provide Internet to 200,000 rural and regional Australians. Residents and businesses ... Read More

17 Oct 2015

NBN™ announces 3 year construction plan

nbnTM has released details of the next suburbs that will see construction of the nbnTM. The 3 year construction plan shows an additional 7.5 million p ... Read More

29 Nov 2015

What's going to happen at a FTTN installation appointment?

The brief answer to this is... possibly nothing; as in most cases an installation appointment will not be necessary. A FTTN or 'fibre to the node' co ... Read More

05 Dec 2015

NBN™ launches 50Mbps/20Mbps fixed wireless services

May 2016 Update! 50Mbps/20Mbps wireless speeds can now be ordered via Tangerine Telecom for Fixed Wireless NBN services. Order online today Existing ... Read More

02 Feb 2016

NBN™ starts construction on Wangaratta city centre

February 2016 sees construction of the NBN commence in the city centre of Wangaratta. The first pits can now be seen to be dug which will deliver high ... Read More

04 Apr 2016

5 top things to do on the NBN

The NBN is the new broadband network currently being built in Australia. Here are our 5 top things that you can do on the NBN. 1. Keep in touch wit ... Read More

07 Jul 2019

Parts of Torquay, VIC now live for NBN

Seaside town and surfing mecca Torquay in Victoria has just seen parts of the town go live for FTTN NBN services. We already have orders in the system ... Read More

07 Jul 2016

St Mary's area in Adelaide now live with Tangerine Telecom

After experiencing some delays in the St Mary's area of Adelaide, South Australia Tangerine Telecom is now placing orders for NBN broadband services. ... Read More

15 Jul 2016

Lonsdale Depot lights up for NBN in Adelaide - covering 25,000 homes.

The Lonsdale Depot POI (or point of interconnect) and Tangerine are now accepting fibre to the node NBN orders in a highly populated part of Adelaide. ... Read More

18 Sep 2016

Huge areas of Sunshine Coast including Maroochydore about to go live for NBN

After months of construction on the NBN (Australia's new broadband network) we are about to see huge areas of the Sunshine Coast go live for the NBN. ... Read More

20 Oct 2016

Large parts of Craigeburn in Victoria now live for NBN

Large parts of Craigeburn in Victoria are now live for fibre to the node NBN. This gives residents access to Australia's new broadband network - the N ... Read More

06 Dec 2016

Tangerine launches BYO device for NBN connections

Today Tangerine Telecom launches the option to use a BYO modem on all NBN connections. This means that customers can use their own NBN ready modem or ... Read More

14 Feb 2017

Warrnambool to see massive increase in NBN availability this March

The town of Warrnambool in Victoria will soon see a large increase in properties that will be able to order our NBN Plans. More than 13,000 homes and ... Read More

03 Jun 2017

VLAN Tagging no long required for Tangerine NBN connections.

All NBN services ordered on or after 1st June 2017 will no longer require VLAN Tagging to be enabled on the modem or router used to connect to the net ... Read More

05 Sep 2017

Tangerine launches the new Netcomm NF18ACV Upgraded Modem

September 11th 2017 sees Tangerine Telecom begin shipping of the brand new Netcomm NF18ACV NBN modem/router. This device supports AC Wifi, has a new o ... Read More

03 Dec 2017

What happens at an HFC NBN installation appointment?

When your nbn™ approved technician arrives, you can ask to see their ID before giving them access to your premises. They’ll then discuss ... Read More

30 Apr 2018

What do the NBN service classes all mean?

nbnTM is Australia's new broadband network and is currently being built across Australia.   Every address in the country is mapped by nbnT ... Read More

31 May 2018

What is FTTC and what suburbs are going to receive NBN by FTTC technology?

Update June 2018:Latest images and information is in on what will happen at your upcoming FTTC installation appointment. As described below a FTTdP de ... Read More

03 Feb 2019

Tangerine offers discounted NBN New Development Fee

Tangerine Telecom is the first telco to offer a reduced NBN New Development Charge. Now reduced from $300 to $275 when taking an NBN plan from Tangeri ... Read More

29 Aug 2018

Telecube to no longer supply NBN services - SPECIAL OFFER

EXTENDED DUE TO POPULAR DEMAND - OFFER EXPIRES 7TH SEPTEMBER 2018 Yesterday customers of Telecube were advised that from 4th September 2018 Telecube ... Read More

19 Nov 2018

Assistance to MUNGI customers left wondering.

Today we hear news that MUNGI Group, who had been providing NBN services in Australia for the last 12 months has entered into Voluntary Administration ... Read More

05 Jun 2019

About NBN

NBN Co was established in 2009 to design, build and operate Australia’s wholesale broadband access network. Underpinned by a purpose to connect ... Read More

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