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What do I get with the eero Secure subscription?

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When you purchase an eero device from Tangerine, we will provide you with an ongoing subscription to eero Secure at no additional cost for use with a compatible Tangerine internet service.*

eero Secure enhances your eero 6+ with services to help keep your connected devices safe and secure, assist you in blocking and managing content and providing you with network insights. The features of eero Secure include (subject to change from time to time on provision of reasonable notice):



eero Internet Backup

Connect eero network to an alternate internet data hotspot to keep the network up and running during an outage

Advanced Security

Advanced protection against online threats for all the devices on your network

Block Ads

Block Ads to remove ads from websites and applications

Block / Allow websites

Block / Allow websites to block or allow specific websites on your network or devices. Block access to individual websites and apps. Allow access to individual sites and apps that may otherwise be blocked by content filters

Block apps

Ability to block popular apps per profile


SafeSearch to feel rest assured that Google search results are appropriate

Content Filtering

Use Content Filtering to set profile-specific filters against different types of content

Network Insights

See your familys historical network usage and eero performance data over time

*eero Secure subscriptions are subject to Tangerines Standard Form of Agreement – Part I and other applicable policies available on our Policies page

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