Whistleblower reporting

Tangerine encourages and supports the reporting of suspected or actual unethical conduct, misconduct and/or unlawful activity relating to Tangerine and the protection of whistleblowers from reprisal in accordance with relevant whistleblower laws.

All information reported by whistleblowers will be treated confidentially. Strictly no identifying information will be provided to any person engaged in the reported conduct or for any external reporting process, unless the whistleblower provides express consent or if disclosure of identity is required by the law.

To access whistleblower protections, you must currently hold, or have held in the past, one of the following positions:

  • officer or employee of Tangerine (e.g. current and former employees who are permanent, part-time, fixed-term or temporary, interns, secondees, managers, and Directors);
  • a supplier of services or goods to Tangerine (whether paid or unpaid), including their employees (e.g. current and former contractors, consultants, service providers and business partners);
  • an associate of Tangerine; and/or
  • a relative, dependant or spouse of an individual set out above.
Please note that the Tangerine WhistleBlower Policy does not apply to matters relating to workplace grievances. For workplace grievances, Tangerine employees and contractors should refer to the Tangerine Grievance Procedure.This Policy also does not apply to current or former customer complaints. If you wish to make a complaint, you can do so under our Complaints Handling Policy including by completing our online form

Tangerine provides two mechanisms for reporting:

We recommend that you read our WhistleBlower Policy first before submitting a report via either channel so that understand the process and protections available.

WhistleBlower Report Form

Please give details of the individual(s) involved in the suspected breach and how they are related to Tangerine (i.e. are they an employee, a contractor, a supplier, a partner, etc.) *

Please provide details about the suspected breach. (e.g. where the conduct occurred, what happened, when it occurred, what type of breach, why the conduct is considered by you to be in breach, etc.) *

Do you have any supporting evidence? If so please provide details or attachments below.

Please provide your contact details.

Note: A report/disclosure can be made anonymously. However, please be aware that where a disclosure is made anonymously, this may limit thorough investigation and proper resolution of the matter.

I wish to remain anonymous *

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