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Can I request to refund my modem?

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New and existing customers may purchase modems from Tangerine. All modems are purchased and paid upfront and are not under contract. This means that upon purchase, the modems are already owned by the customer. These modems are unlocked and can be used with any service providers.

As modems are ordered from the manufacturer at the time of a customers purchase, we ensure that all modems are ordered brand new from our manufacturers. As such, we do not accept any returns and refund requests except for the following circumstances:

• Upon installation, nbn® has deemed that the address is not serviceable, and Tangerine could not provide an interim solution.

Sample scenario: You have signed up for an nbn® Fixed wireless, however during installation, nbn® Co advises that your location is not serviceable at that time.

• During the ordering process, it has been identified that the service may not be connected for over 3 months onwards, and the customer could not wait.

Sample scenario: During your nbn® appointment, nbn® Co advises that a Planned remediation date is set as an issue is identified with the delivery of the service. The planned remediation date is over 3 months from todays date

What is not qualified for a refund?

  • Buyers remorse - simply changed your mind, found it cheaper somewhere else.

  • Delays with the nbn® connection and decided to change providers – As the service provider do not have control over the installation schedules by nbn® Co, we cannot offer refund for the cost of the modem. As the modems are not locked, you may use it with other service providers.

  • Decided to get another model and would like to swap the first modem purchased – Modem swap to another model is not allowed unless the modem has not yet been dispatched. If you would like to get the other modem with another model, you will need to make a new purchase.

  • nbn® delays with installation wherein the delay is due to the customers premise not being completely ready for connection – sample scenario is when nbn® Co could not proceed with the installation because the required in-home cabling has not been arranged by the customer yet, and the customer changed their mind and cancelled.

If your scenario falls under the criteria above, see the Refund process outlined on our policies page

If you have questions, feel free to reach out to our Customer Service Team at 1800 211 112.

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