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Is an eero a modem or router?

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An eero is a router – but you need BOTH a modem and router to connect your home to the internet as they each have separate but complementary functions

A modem connects your home to your Internet Service Providers (ISP) network to provide you with Internet. A router allows all your wired and wireless devices in your home to use your internet connection all at the same time

eero 6+ supports 75+ connected devices simultaneously including desktop computers, laptops, mobile phone, tablets, smart TVs, gaming consoles and more!

The eero 6+ router distributes the Wi-Fi signal throughout an area to create a wireless network around your home. By adding more eero 6+ routers you can increase your coverage area

- 1 x eero 6+ device is suitable for Standard 1-2 bedroom homes and covers up to 140m2

- 2 x eero 6+ devices are suitable for Large 3-4 bedroom homes and covers up to 280m2

- 3 x eero 6+ devices are suitable for Larger 5-6 bedroom homes and covers up to 280m2

If your home has a deadspot (an area of your home that doesnt receive a Wi-Fi signal) you can place an eero 6+ device between the dead spot and your main (gateway) eero device to ensure a strong connection

To learn more and purchase an eero 6+ router for your home visit our eero 6+ full specifications page here

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