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What mobile data speeds are possible with Tangerine ?

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The network capability of Tangerine Telecom's mobile solution has access to download speeds of up to 100Mbps on 4G across 92% of the population. 4G devices will enjoy typical download speeds of 2-50Mbps and upload speeds of 1 to 10Mbps in 4G coverage areas.


On 3G, typical download speeds are 1.1-20Mbps across more than 85% of the population, 550kbps to 8Mbps across more than 95% of the population, and 550kbps to 3Mbps in remaining coverage areas reaching 98.8% of the population. Typical wireless packet data upload speeds on the 3G network are 300kbps to 3Mbps across more than 93% of the population and in remaining coverage areas 300kbps to 1Mbps.

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