5 top things to do on the NBN

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The nbn® is the new broadband network currently being built in Australia. Here are our 5 top things that you can do on the NBN.

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1. Keep in touch with friends and relatives using Skype video or Apple FaceTime. 

If you have previously struggled with Internet speed, moving to the nbn® will mean that you can access dramatically faster Internet speeds. Fast enough to have a good quality Skype video call or an Apple FaceTime call. If you are yet to experience making a call like this you won’t be disappointed!

2. Stream TV shows and movies. 
Online streaming services like Netflix, Stan or Presto have now taken over from the traditional DVD shop for your Saturday night entertainment. In fact a lot of people now use a TV streaming service as their main source for television content. Plans start from as little as $10 per month and you can watch films and TV series on demand, when you want – with no ads!

3. Backup to the cloud. 

nbn® provides far greater uploading speeds compared to standard ADSL or ADSL2+. This means that you can transfer files faster. Services like Drop Box allow you to back up personal photos, videos and important documents remotely. With today's high use of digital cameras and smartphones, everyone has hundreds or thousands of personal photos that they want to keep safe. To keep these safe it’s recommended to have 3+ copies of the data. Often it is recommended to have copies at two physical locations, perhaps at home and at a friend’s house on hard drive or USB. Now with the help of the nbn® you can have a remote copy backed up in the cloud. All Tangerine Telecom nbn® plans come with unmetred uploads so customers can upload to their hearts content.

4. Make the most of VOIP. 
The improved internet speeds of the nbn® mean that voice calls can now easily be made over the Internet using VOIP (voice over IP). This can save you hundreds of dollars per year compared to paying standard line rental charges for your home phone and you can keep your traditional home phone number. See the Tangerine Telecom Phone Plans to find out how much you can save.

5. Connect remotely to your workplace. 
More and more people are choosing to work from home in this day and age. nbn® makes this possible, wherever you are in Australia when you are connected to the NBN. High speed Internet means you can connect to your office via VPN or via remote desktop.

These are our 5 top things to do on the NBN. For full details of the Tangerine Telecom plans see our nbn® broadband page

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