Assistance to MUNGI customers left wondering.

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Today we hear news that MUNGI Group, who had been providing nbn® services in Australia for the last 12 months has entered into Voluntary Administration and is now out of business. 

This will leave Mungi customers concerned as to what will happen to their nbn® internet service after the company closes down. At the time of going to print it is unclear precisely what will happen to existing customer services. As a way to assist customers in finding an alternative provider, Tangerine Telecom has launched a special promo code giving $25 off the first month nbn® plan access fee. Simply use promo code 'MUNGI25' at checkout. This code is valid until midnight on 2nd December 2018. 

The website released this news today: 

Mungi Group Enters Voluntary Administration

We hope that everyone can find an alternative provider and avoid any unnecessary outages to internet service. Tangerine will be prioritising all orders made using the 'MUNGI25' promo code in the hope to move services as quickly as possible.



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