Don't panic... but now could be the time to panic.

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There's a looming deadline this Friday 14th August 2015 when copper phone lines in some suburb areas such as Ballarat,Coffs Harbour and Cairns will start to be disconnected. Whilst services may not be switched off this Friday, they are expected to be disconnected within days of this date.

If you live in one of these areas and you haven't placed an order for&nbn®™ yet, you should probably start panicking a little and you should definitely be thinking about placing an order fornbn®™ ASAP.

If you think that connecting to the nbn®™ is optional, then you need to think again. Anyone who has a phone line and/or internet and wants to continue using the service will have to move to an nbn®™ service at some point.

As part of the nbn®™ rollout plan, Telstra will be turning off old legacy copper phone lines approximately 18 months after nbn®™ is introduced in an area. As time goes on, more and more sites are approaching their deadline for copper switch off.

If you don't migrate to an nbn®™service before the switch off date in your area, you risk your phone line and internet being disconnected and you could potentially lose your phone number forever.

If you want to prevent this from happening, you'll need to place an order for nbn®™ or go mobile only. If you choose to go mobile only, just bear in mind you won't be able to keep your home phone number, and data can be very expensive depending on your households needs.

If you're a business, safeguarding your phone number as well as connected services such as EFTPOS, PBX services and alarm systems is even more crucial. You should start planning now to make sure your business is ready for the changeover as you may need to make some changes to your hardware and services.

Not all homes in the suburbs listed below are due to be disconnected, but if you live in this area and are unsure, you should click on your suburb and do a check on your address to find out the status of nbn®™ to your home.

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