NBN stops orders of HFC that require NBN equipment

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On February 1st 2021 NBN announced that due to a shortage of HFC NTD equipment they will stop accepting orders for HFC connections from 7pm on Tuesday 2nd February.


This is devastating news for people trying to connect to NBN at properties that use HFC technology.


Unfortunately if you have taken an NBN HTC box from an old property – this CANNOT be used at a new property.



What does this mean?


For customers whose property is serviced by HFC technology and they do not already have the NBN NTD box – we will not be able to fulfil an order at this time. In most cases our website will advise of this when you check your address.


Customers who have an inflight order may find that their appointment is missed or delayed by NBN. We apologise in advance if you are affected by this. We will actively monitor all in-flight orders and try and reschedule as soon as possible.


Further information can be found on the NBN Co website.


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