Tangerine joins Pancare Foundation to help improve outcomes for Australians impacted by upper GI cancer

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In 2019 the Tangerine team lost a long-time friend and sales partner, Peter Back, after a short and courageous fight against pancreatic cancer.

Strong relationships have always been at the heart of the Tangerine story. As an organisation, Tangerine, and sister company More Telecom, place enormous value on their relationships with staff, customers and partners.

After seeing their friend and respected partner succumb to this devastating disease, Tangerine were motivated to take action in Peter's memory.

The challenges of a pancreatic cancer diagnosis

Pancreatic cancer is an upper gastrointestinal (GI) cancer that often goes undiagnosed in the early stages due to the presentation of vague symptoms such as nausea, pain in the upper abdomen, loss of appetite, weight loss and tiredness. There are no early detection tests available.

Once upper GI cancers reach advanced states, their spread to other nearby organs means that any chance of curative surgery is effectively eliminated, and chances of survival drastically reduced.

Out of all the major cancers, upper gastrointestinal cancers have some of the lowest survival rates and collectively represent a leading cause of cancer death in society.

In fact, over the past 10 years alone, more than 100,000 Australians have been diagnosed, with more than 75,000 losing their life as a result. That's thousands more than lives lost to leukaemia, breast and prostate cancer combined.

Yet, they receive very little attention of funding to support vital research and improve patient outcomes. The support networks and services that exist for more common cancers, are lacking for upper GI cancers. As a result, receiving a timely diagnosis, access to information, ease of treatment pathways and overall survival are compromised.

Remembering Peter

Peter was a very well-liked and trusted sales partner to More and Tangerine founders Andrew and Richard Branson, working with them on their IF Telecom business from 2007 to 2014 and continuing with More up until his illness made it too difficult for Peter to continue work.

Peter is remembered as being one of a kind. He had a special knack for giving exceptional customer service, and many of the accounts that he brought onboard and managed in Bunbury and surrounding WA regions are still loyal customers today.

Peter's knowledge of the industry was second to none. He knew exactly what efforts were involved behind the scenes, which lead to many great working and personal relationships being built over the years. The team always looked forward to catching up with Peter when he made his annual trip over to Melbourne for the AFL grand final every September.

Demanding better for Australia's forgotten cancers - a new partnership comes to life

Following Peter's passing, More & Tangerine donated to Pancare Foundation, having been introduced to the Foundation by Peter's family.

Pancare Foundation are a leading charity committed to inspiring hope, raising awareness, supporting families and funding research for upper gastrointestinal (GI) cancers. It is their mission to improve survival rates and support for Australians diagnosed with pancreatic, liver, stomach, biliary and oesophageal cancers.

This initial donation by More & Tangerine led to further conversations between the two organisations, and with clear synergy in values and desire to have a positive impact on the experiences of Australians living with an upper GI cancer, a partnership was formed.

The partnership successfully kicked off with a Corporate Team of More and Tangerine staff playing a key role in Pancare's record breaking Dry July campaign, which demonstrated the personal commitment and contribution to the long-term partnership and cause.

A shared commitment

The outcome of a better future for patients and families is at the heart of this innovative partnership to create awareness and deliver long-term, sustainable revenue to Pancare.

As a key aspect of the new partnership, Tangerine will make a $125 contribution to Pancare for every new customer that signs up for the Pancare community offer.

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