What happens at an HFC nbn<sup>®</sup> installation appointment?

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When your nbn™ approved technician arrives, you can ask to see their ID before giving them access to your premises.

They’ll then discuss with you where the nbn™ supplied equipment is going to be installed.


What to expect from the installation

A free standard installation involves an nbn™ approved technician:

1. Connecting a Hybrid Fibre Coaxial (HFC) cable from your street to an nbn™ utility box installed

on the outside of your premises (also known as a Premises Connection Device).

2. Accessing the HFC wall outlet (inside your premises) that connects to the nbn™ utility box.

They will then connect your nbn™ connection box to your HFC wall outlet using a coaxial fly lead.

If you don’t have a compatible HFC wall outlet, an nbn™ approved technician may install a new

wall outlet (the connecting cable must run 40m or less from the nbn™ utility box on your

premises to the new wall outlet).

3. Installing a splitter to allow both the pay TV the nbn™ access network to run from the one

wall outlet.

Note: If any additional internal wiring or cabling needs to be installed, this must be arranged directly with a registered cabler (charges may apply).


nbn<sup>®</sup> HFC setup

4. Testing the connection to make sure your nbn™ connection box and the existing cabling

are working.

5. Once the nbn® box has been installed, there are instances wherein the service does not activate right away and you may need to wait for the service activation. This would happen within 24-48 hours from your successful nbn® appointment.

6. If you are using your own modem, our team would supply you with the Username and Password you will use to configure your modem. Reach out to our team if you need assistance doing this.

7. Once your modem is configured and you have received an email from us saying you nbn® is active, your service should then be up and running.

8. If this is not the case, please call our Technical Team to test your service.


For more information, please refer to the HFC Preparing Guide.



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