What happens at an HFC NBN installation appointment?

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NEWS UPDATE - 5th December 2017

NBN have announced that due to continued issues with HFC NBN performance and service activations that they will put a 'pause' on new HFC orders from 11th December 2017. This means that no new orders for HFC NBN will be submitted to NBN after this date. It is expected that the pause will be for at least 6-9 months. The hope is that NBN can resolve the performance issues that HFC customers have been experiencing. Customers in an HFC rollout area will need to resort to legacy phone and internet services. NBN have revoked previously in place copper cease sale rules which means consumers can now order traditional phone lines and ADSL services. 

Original article (published 5th January 2017) follows: 

At the time of writing HFC NBN connections are still relatively new and this article will be updated as more and more of these connections take place.

What we know so far is that if NBN is delivered to your premises by HFC (Hybrid Fibre Coaxial) a site visit is required by an NBN technician. This means that after ordering an NBN plan with an RSP like Tangerine, an appointment will be set and it is important that you are home during this appointment window. The NBN technician will require access to your premises during the installation appointment.

The NBN technician will install an NTD (network termination device) inside your property. This is similar to what happens at a FTTP installation appointment, however the NTD will only have 1 Uni-D (data) port. They do not support Uni-V.

The NTD will require mains power and will connect to the existing wall socket that you have cable delivered to your home at the moment. If you have an existing cable TV service, this will continue to work and the NBN technician will use a splitter to allow NBN and cable TV to work simultaneously.

The option of an NBN supplied battery back up is not possible with an HFC connection.

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