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What's great about nbnTM Broadband?

nbnTM Broadband is the new broadband network for Australia. It's currently being rolled out by area by area with the hope to reach 8 million homes and businesses by 2020. It will allow you to connect to the Internet with better speeds and more stability that ever before! Homes across Australia are being connected via nbnTM Fixed, nbnTM Fixed Wireless or nbnTM Satellite. No matter how your home is connected, Tangerine Telecom is here to get you connected and online as soon as it’s ready in your area!

The new broadband network means that wherever you are in Australia you’ll be able to work, watch, listen and play using the Internet. Video calls on services like FaceTime and Skype will be smooth and won’t need to buffer. You’ll be able to use video streaming services like Netflix to your hearts content and listen to Spotify while surfing the web.



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What happens with nbnTM Phone?

nbnTM Phone allows you stop paying expensive line rental for ever! You can transfer your existing home telephone number to Tangerine Telecom and use it with one of our nbnTM Broadband services. We have nbnTM Phone plans starting from just $4.95 per month so it really makes sense to make the switch!

You can use your existing phone handset with our nbnTM Phone plan. The router that we supply for nbnTM Broadband has a phone port on the back, and you can simply plug into this. Another option is to upgrade to a state of the art Gigaset A510 cordless phone. This works over the Internet of your nbnTM Broadband plan and means that you can place phones throughout your house without the need for any new additional cabling.


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