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How do I set up or change my direct debit details ?

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Managing your bank details is available on our Self Help Portal.

You may use your credit card or bank account for direct debit. (Bank Accounts do not have surcharges)


Please follow the instructions below on how to update your bank details:

1. Log on to My Tangerine.



2. Then enter the following details to log in:


 3. Click on Set up/Manage Direct Debit



4. Update the following information as needed. You can use a Bank account or Credit card for your monthly payments.

 (Please note of the applicable Credit Card Surcharges, 1% for VISA/Mastercard, 2% for AMEX. There are no surcharges applicable for Bank Accounts).


For Credit Card





For Bank Account




5. Then click on UPDATE to save the changes


NOTE: Our billing due date is every 15th of the month.


Here is an interactive guide on how to manage your Direct Debit details:


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