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How do you enable International Roaming?

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You can enable international roaming by purchasing an International Roaming Pack for your Tangerine Mobile service in your Self Care Portal. We have two packs to choose from:

Life span Price Data SMS Voice calls
7 Day Pack $35 5GB 30 30 mins
14 Day Pack $55 10GB 60 60 mins

How to purchase and activate a travel pack:

  1. Log into your Tangerine Self Care Portal
  2. Select the 'Mobile' tab and 'Active Mobile Services' from the drop-down
  3. Select the 'View' button on your mobile service
  4. Select 'Add Travel Pack'
  5. Choose from the available travel packs, select your desired activation date from the drop-down menu and then click 'Activate'

Visit our International Roaming Travel Packs FAQ for more on how travel packs work.

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