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How to query a charge on my bill?

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Got a charge on your invoice that you are not sure of? Aside from calling us, you can now submit a Billing Enquiry from our Self Care Portal.

TIP: Before you submit a billing enquiry, we have listed down the Common Billing Queries from our Help Section. Have a read through and see if it would explain the unusual charge. If not, proceed with the steps below:

  1. Hover over the Case tab at the top of the page and select Create New Case.
  2. Select Customer Service as the Case Category and Customer Service/Billing Enquiry as the Case Type.
  3. In the Details section below, youll need to select the Product that your enquiry relates to and fill in the Description field. You can also upload any files or screenshots to support your enquiry.
  4. Then click Save to submit your enquiry


Your enquiry will be sent to our Customer Service Team for review. You'll receive regular updates with the progress of your enquiry within the Portal. If at any time you'd like to discuss your enquiry with us, please contact our team. Please allow 3-5 business days for the review to take place

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Basdenpaul, 12 Feb 2024

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