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What is the nbn® new development charge?

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The nbn® new development charge was introduced by the Australia Government in 2016 and may apply when nbn®equipment needs to be installed for the first time. This may apply if your property has been recently built, rebuilt, or sub-divided or if the service has never been activated before.

Internet Service Providers (including Tangerine) pass this charge onto customers when they want to connect their property to the nbn®, which has never been connected to the nbn® before.

The great news is that Tangerine offers a $25 discount on the price of the nbn® new development charge. That means when you sign up with Tangerine nbn® plan, you'll only need to pay $275 incl GST if the charge applies to your property.

We will let you know if you are required to pay the nbn® new development charge when you search your address on our nbn® page or during the sign-up process.

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