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What is the pre-port verification process?

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Porting a mobile service means to transfer a mobile number from one service provider to another

Legally, we must confirm that the person requesting the port has the right to transfer the number being ported. This authentication process, known as pre-porting verification process, allows us to verify the identity of the person requesting the mobile porting and protects consumers from unauthorised ports and fraud

When you request to transfer your number to Tangerine via our customer portal or over the phone with our agents, you will be sent a 6-digit code via SMS to the number being transferred. You will need to provide this code to verify your identity and to start the porting process

Further information is available on our Policies page in our guide “Verification Process Customer Awareness for Mobile Porting and SIM swaps”

What should I do if I didnt request for my number to be transferred?

If you believe your number has been fraudulently ported, you should immediately report the activity to:

  • Your current mobile provider
  • The Australian Federal Police or the relevant State or Territory Police
  • Government Services that support customers who have been the subject of fraud or scams, for example Scamwatch or IDCARE.

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