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What is the best nbn® plan for my household?

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We currently offer five standalone nbn® plans all with unlimited data, no lock-in contracts, free standard connection and a new customer discount for 6 months*

When choosing the right plan for you, it is important to consider your households usage and to measure it against the speeds and capacity on offer to ensure you have the best user experience. Speed refers to how fast you can upload or download data, while capacity refers to how many users can use your network to conduct data-intensive activities such as HD video streaming or gaming.

  1. Our Value nbn® plan (25/10 Mbps speed tier) is suitable for moderate household use including video calls, emails and browsing, social media and streaming music.

  2. Our Value Plus nbn® plan (50/20 Mbps speed tier) offers faster upload speeds and is suitable for households going beyond the basic internet uses and are downloading and uploading files, using cloud-based business apps, and engaging in video conferences.

  3. Our Speedy nbn® plan (100/20 Mbps speed tier) allows for larger number of users and/or devices making it suitable for a family going beyond the basic users.

  4. Our SuperSpeedy nbn® plan (250/25 Mbps speed tier) is suitable for households and families streaming movies, gaming, and engaging in other heavy-duty activities at the same time and is sufficient for most households.

  5. Our UltraSpeedy nbn® plan (1000/50 Mbps speed tier) will guarantee fast speeds and is ideal for heavy use customers including serious gamers or streamers.

Please note, our SuperSpeedy and UltraSpeedy nbn® plans are only available on FTTP and some HFC connection types. Please ensure you use our website address-checking tool to see if this plan is available to you.

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