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How to check if your phone line is active

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In some situations, you might need to check if there is an active phone line at the property especially when you just moved in. An easy way to check if your phone line is active is by plugging a phone into your wall socket. If you hear a dial tone this means you have an active phone line. However. if you do not know what the phone number is and before you check with the previous tenant, you might want to try these:

  1. Upon hearing the dial tone, dial 127 22 123. This usually works if the line is with Telstra.
  2. If not, try12723 12. This is if it is an Optus line.

If it is not possible to find out using this method, the next option would be to call a service provider and have them check for you.

However, if you are looking to get connected to the nbn™ (FTTP, Fixed Wireless, HFC), you might be surprised to learn you dont need an active phone line.

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