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NBN Goes Live in Orange, NSW


Great news for residents of the town of Orange, NSW. NBN is now ready to order!

Parts of Orange in New South Wales can now place orders for the NBN - Australia's new broadband network. With some websites still reporting that it is still in construction Tangerine can confirm that we are taking orders for parts of the town. Orange is 254 km west of Sydney and will being serviced by fibre to the node technology. 51% of Australia will be serviced by fibre to the node technology on the NBN and Orange is one of the 2nd round of fibre to the node areas to go live.

Tangerine Telecom is now offering NBN services to Orange.

As the NBN rollout continues in Orange more and more homes will be able to order a new NBN service. Tangerine provides plans with speeds of up to 12/1Mbps, 25/5Mbps and 50/20Mbps. All with unlimited NBN data.

There are some pretty good benefits of jumping on board with the NBN. Mainly faster and improved internet speeds. This allows you to stream music, TV services and work and play online faster. If you live a long distance from the old local telephone exchange it's likely that you've only ever been able to access pretty ordinary ADSL speeds. With the launch of fibre to the node (FTTN) NBN, the distance of copper cable needed to provide your internet speeds is dramatically reduced. this means that faster internet speeds are now available.

Check out our unlimited NBN plans in Orange today and speed up your internet service for the good.



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