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Tangerine launches BYO device for NBN connections


Today Tangerine Telecom launches the option to use a BYO modem on all NBN connections. This means that customers can use their own NBN ready modem or router to connect to the NBN network with Tangerine.

It has often been a bug bear of some internet enthusiasts that they are forced to use a particular ISP's modem to connect to the NBN. Now Tangerine supports any compatible NBN ready device to be used to connect to FTTP, FTTN, FTTB, HFC or Fixed Wireless NBN.

There are some BYO requirements that need to be adhered to, to ensure the successful connection to the NBN network. These include ensuring that the device is capable of connecting to the specific type of NBN connection used to connect the property. Also PPPoE authentication and VLAN tagging is required. Full details can be read on the BYO requirements page.

This announcement is great news for NBN users who already have their own NBN ready device. Tangerine regularly hears from NBN users who want to join and use their own premium device. This may be due to their existing network set up, or the superiority of their existing device. It's also great for the environment and saves unnecessary cyber waste. Now users can connect to the NBN using the device they want to.

Tangerine can still provide users with an NBN ready modem, pre-configured and ready to go if required. Users who are connecting to the NBN for the first time may not be able to use their previous ADSL or ADSL2+ modem as these may well not be compatible with the NBN. Also some users may not be comfortable re-configuring their existing device. In these cases Tangerine can supply a device completely ready to go with the users unique credentials and settings pre-configured.

For more information or to sign up to an NBN plan with Tangerine, please see our BYO Modem NBN Broadband Plans pages.

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