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Tangerine, one of the country’s fastest growing mobile and nbn® providers, is proud to announce the re-launch of its brand with a new vision centred around a ‘refreshingly simple’ approach to telecommunications. The rebrand takes effect from Monday 7 August.

Tangerine’s new approach aims to modernise the telco industry by providing customers with a hassle-free experience that empowers them to connect effortlessly.

Andrew Branson, CEO of Tangerine, expressed his excitement about the brand’s renewed focus on simplicity, saying “telco doesn’t have to be confusing, complicated or clunky. At Tangerine, we believe that simplicity is the key to unlocking exceptional customer experiences. Our mission is to break free from the complexities that have long plagued telcos and redefine what it means to be refreshingly simple with customers placed at the centre of everything we do.

With some of the most affordable products on the market and an experienced team of over 300 people, now is the right time to take our business to the next level and firmly position Tangerine as the simple yet innovative telco launching Phase 1 of our re-brand” Branson added.

Backing up words with action, Branson said “Tangerine's commitment to simplicity goes well beyond just marketing slogans, it will be present throughout our operations and customer interactions.

“We have listened to our customers and introduced the easy-to-use portal, WhatsApp technical support, transparent pricing, no lock in contracts across all our products, a simple onboarding process and eSIM on the horizon. We want to make it easy for our customers to get the mobile and nbn® services they need, without any unnecessary hurdles or headaches” Branson emphasised.

As part of its rebranding efforts, an overhaul of Tangerine’s invoice will be rolled out shortly, helping to eliminate confusion and unwanted surprises.

Tangerine’s Chief Operating Officer Richard Branson said “our goal is to continue to build lasting relationships with our customers based on trust, transparency and reliability.

“Our refreshingly simple brand vision is about empowering our customers to focus on what matters most to them – connecting with loved ones, pursuing their passions, excelling at work and exploring new possibilities.

“We want to remove the barriers and frustrations that often come with telco services, allowing our customers to enjoy the full benefits of modern connectivity without any unnecessary complexity” Branson added.

Not only is this brand re-launch a big deal for customers, but it is also for Tangerine.

“Our refreshingly simple re-brand and campaign marks the first time Tangerine has ventured into above-the-line advertising including TV commercials and on-demand streaming commercials starting Sunday 6 August” Head of Marketing Rick van Emmerik said.

“We believe that simplicity should be the foundation of every interaction we have with our customers from browsing our plans to setting up their services. We want our customers to experience a sense of ease and clarity that sets us apart from the competition.

“We are thankful to our agency partners including The Royals, BrandHook, Clockwork Films and Ad Union who have helped bring our consumer-centric vision to life. With our renewed focus on simplicity, Tangerine aims to set new industry standards and inspire others to follow suit” van Emmerik concluded.

Phase 2 of the re-brand is scheduled to be launched in 2024 where further enhancements and improvements will be implemented.

Customers can access Tangerine’s refreshed offering from Monday 7 August at

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