Tips for working from home during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak

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During the uncertain times of the 2020 coronavirus outbreak many people and businesses are looking to the option of working from home during self-isolation. There are a number of things to think about while preparing to work from home. Before leaving work ensure that you have made time to plan things with your team.


1. Consider taking your work PC home

You may be able to work much more efficiently with your normal work PC rather than your own personal laptop. If you’re used to dual screen desktop PC, you’ll find moving to a single smaller laptop slower and more frustrating while trying to work from home. If you’re taking your work PC home, ensure you have all the necessary power cables and network cables so that you can connect at home. You may wish to borrow or purchase a very long cable so that you can operate your PC in a convenient location, rather than where your home modem is. If you are looking to rent laptops, monitors or other IT home office equipment why not check out our friends at AV 24/7.

2. Can you take your work phone home?

Most modern phone systems will allow you to take your phone home with you. This means that you may still be able to answer incoming calls to the business while working from home. If this is a possibility to you, ensure that you take the network cable and a power pack home. Note that in a lot of office environments, phones do not require a power pack – so make sure you ask the IT department if there is one that you can take home so that you can power up your phone after connecting it to your home modem.

3. Purchase a webcam

If your devices do not already have a built in webcam – consider purchasing one. You can find these at very affordable prices online. Order as soon as you can to ensure that sufficient stock is available as others will be thinking the same thing.


4. Use collaboration tools

Tools like Microsoft Teams, Google Hangout or Skype are great ways to keep in touch with your work colleagues. These tools are very popular in the wider workplaces but if you’re business is not already using them most are free to use and allow quick and easy forms of communications.

5. Check your internet service

Ensure that you have a good quality, unlimited internet plan to use during the outbreak of the coronavirus (Covid-19). If you haven’t already seen Tangerine’s Unlimited nbn® Plans check them out today. We are fast tracking orders as much as we can to get people connected as quickly as possible.


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