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How do I know if my BYO modem is compatible ?

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It's important that you have read the BYO requirements before selecting this option with us. It is your responsibility to ensure your device is compatible and you are able to configure the device yourself.

We have put together a table of known compatible modems and the NBN technologies that they support. Please be aware that this list is provided with best endevours and we recommend checking with your manufacturer before purchasing a device. Due to the range of different models and firmwares versions out there Tangerine takes no responsibility for the details provided in this table.

If you are going to receive NBN via FTTN (fibre to the node) technology then your BYO modem MUST support VDSL. For all other NBN technologies you'll just need a router that can connect via WAN mode.

If you're in any doubt we recommend you purchasing a pre-configured NBN ready modem from us. 

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