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I want to upgrade, what does a Fresh Fibre connection require?

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Great to hear! Slow internet is so yesterday!
A Fresh Fibre connection requires an nbn™ technician to connect a PCD (premises connection device) on the outside of the premises and then install the NTD (network termination device) on the inside of the premises. As part of Fresh Fibre, an nbn™ technician will have already done the work outside in the street before your address becomes eligible. Our website will advise if a fibre upgrade is available at your address. Your property may not be eligible straight away, and nbn™ will make more addresses eligible over time.
Once you place your order, Tangerine will organise an nbn™ technician to come out and install NBN equipment in your property. Once the process is complete you will be able to use and enjoy your new connection!

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