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How to set up Google Nest Router/Points 

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Setting up your Google Nest Router and Points to create your Mesh Wi-fi Network is easy -

1. Download the Google Home app and create a Google account where the app will guide you through the setup process step by step

2. Plug your Nest Wi-fi Router into your internet connected modem or gateway to create your Wi-Fi network

3. Plug your Wi-fi point(s) anywhere in your house that may need extra coverage, this point also doubles as a Wi-Fi speaker

4. Once you've connected all your points the app will perform a mesh test to confirm everything is working to enjoy your Wi-fi

Please note: To setup your Google Nest, you will need access to an active internet connection, a Google Account and the Google Home app on an Android or iOS smart device. If you do not already have a Google Account, you can create one at:

For more detailed Google Nest set-up instructions clickhere.

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