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Can I put my NBN service "on hold"?

If you are going overseas or do not require your NBN service for a long period of time, it may be beneficial to put your NBN service on hold.

We can assist with this. But, to prevent charges coming through from NBN we would need to cancel your service, and then re-activate it when you are ready to start using your service again. This works in the same way as putting the service on hold and NBN charges would cease to come through. We would not recommend doing this if the period of time is less than a month as your service will still be charged up to the end of the month that you wish to cancel it.

When we re-activate your service we would need to assist in re configuring your modem as you will receive a new username when the service is re-activated. This is a quick task and our 7 day technical support team can easily assist you with this.

To put your service on hold, please contact our customer service team.

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